Thats what N.A.O.M.I stands for and we want you to take it to heart. Boys, girls, men and women, this is for everyone. Oh, how rude of us, we forgot to introduce ourselves. We’re Steph Chanel and Stacy Ray. Best friends since birth and somehow still trucking along. We have been working on so many separate projects that we realized that together we are actually unstoppable. This website is to show you the good, the bad, and the imperfections. We all have them so why not talk about them. We know, we know, you’re too busy on Twitter, well then tweet at us. Too busy staring at Facebook pics? Well, open a new tab for us. Watching Law and Order? Well we can’t help you there but look us up when you’re done.

Bottom Line is NAOMI is her for you, all of you. And we are here to stay.

Ready for the journey?

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  1. VoiceofReason

    yesssss…love it ladies,,,,your giving me black-little-house-on-the-prairie *camera flash* WORK IT GIRLS!! lol


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