Shel shared another epiphany with me that day. And I of course thought about it and had to write about it.

So, epiphany #2 is kind of personal, so I’m not gonna put it in this post, but what I basically took from it is that Disney lied to me. Not just me, but every single young girl out there that has ever watched a Disney movie and believed in fairy tales. They lied to us, yall. They got us.

Why I say this is that we are all confuesd to death of how the male species thinks. Disney taught us that if you are good and humble and a kind person that you will find a good, kind and humble man to marry and live happily ever after with. But Walt never told us about the many problems and issues that come in between us and happily ever after. Not just some witch who wants to kill us, but actual problems with Prince Charming that makes the situation so impossible that we could never receive that happily ever after.

For instance, what if the timing is wrong? What if he’s not ready to commit? What if you’re not ready to commit? What if it just won’t ever happen, just because? What if he has smelly breath or he sings awfully, but insists on belting out a tune every five seconds? What if we actually never find our Prince Charming, and end up kissing frogs for the rest of our natural born lives?

Disney told us that if you are good, and true to yourself and brave, your guy is right around the corner. But Disney lied. And I wanna sue.

Another thing I took from the epiphany is that you can’t control that. You can do all you can to be all that you can be but you can’t make someone like you. And you certainly can’t make someone love you, as Beyonce’s song puts it so beautifully:

Why don’t you love? Tell me, baby, why don’t you love me when I make myself so easy to love?

It’s because he just doesn’t love you. And no one will ever be able to tell you why. And there is nothing that you can do about it. At all. ¬†And that, my friends is depressing.


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  1. Rashel Triplett

    OMG I definitely forgot about this epiphany! I just got sad all over again!!!


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