Okay, so, one of the things that I said I would do this  year (not necessarily a resolution, but more of a stepping stone to a better me) is to get fit and healthy. I was on a huge health kick last semester, lost 20lbs, but then, I realized that at that point, I really needed to focus on me and gaining confidence in the body I have first before possibly going on a lifestyle change, and not just a weightloss program.

But it was good that I went on that healthy lifestyle kick because I realized what the benefits were:

  1. I had tons more energy. I was literally always doing something, going somewhere, getting a lot done and that worked wonders on my GPA.
  2. I was happier. Not only because of the endorphins, but because I was doing things physically that I had always doubted that I could do because of my size. I was running, working out for 45 mins and I was challenging myself. The gym became my best friend.
  3. I looked great in my clothes. I dropped a dress size. Running and the elliptical work wonders on your body and tone places naturally, so my clothes fit me better and my shape was just amazing.
  4. Exercising made me think twice (most times) about what I ate. I felt more determined to eat right so that I could see progress, and also, knowing how much it takes to burn calories made me reconsider those peanut M&Ms I love so much.
  5. It made my periods more bearable and regular. After I started eating right and working out, my period was regular. Before that, it was every 5 months. So, yeah.
  6. It just made my body younger. I definitely feel the effects of being dormant now that I haven’t hit the gym in a while. My body just isn’t like a 21 year old’s body should be sometimes. I can’t really explain it, but working out just makes my body fluid. That’s how it is.
  7. After living healthy for two weeks, I had a Hot Pocket and felt nauseous. And I used to inhale Hot Pockets. And that shows how bad they can be for you. A vegetable and chicken diet for only two weeks made me hate Hot Pockets.
  8. I felt super light. I never got the itis (sleepy feeling you get right after a meal)
  9. When I did have a craving for something unhealthy, I didn’t feel guilty eating it because every other meal is super healthy.
  10. I felt pretty baller telling everyone I was a gym rat and actually meaning it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m naomi and all, but I still felt pretty cool.

So, now that it’s been a month since the new year and I have still not hit the gym, but I am coming into my own in my new life here at SHSU, there is no excuse. I have two gyms at my disposal, the one in my apartment (kinda sucks) and the one on campus (friggin awesome). There really is no excuse. There are more reasons up there that I should, than excuses of why I shouldn’t. Who’s with me?


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  1. Aver

    I feel you. Loosing weight should be incorporated into a lifestyle change and everything seems to fall into place. I started working out regularly this semester at MIZZOU. To go along with that I decided to put more focus on my school wrk and many things have been falling into place.

    • Stephanie Chanel

      When you do things that you know will enhance you, and not take from you, you end up in a better head space. I’m still trying to figure things out, but your comment was motivation to keep going. You inspired me :)


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