I have one midterm left and then it is Spring Break for me! But while everyone is having fun in the sun and starting memories that they will soon wish they could forget, I will be in transformation mode. If you don’t know, last year I started a weight loss journey. I lost twenty pounds, my self confidence sky rocketed and I felt all around healthier. Somewhere in all of that, I lost my way and between the stress of two jobs, and then the sudden and unexpected move to Huntsville, Texas, where I now attend college, I have gained 15 of those pounds back. I know, right?

So, I have resolved that since I am not jetting off to an unknown destination of body shots and nights I’ll never remember, I will be using my Spring Break for productive means. I want to start working out everyday. It may seem crazy, but I would like to lose a significant amount of weight in the next three months. If I at least make it to my high school weight, which is 30 lbs away, I will be happy. But my goal is larger than that.

Anyway, I also want to be fully caught up on all of my studies. My professors have been so kind and thoughtful to give me work over the holidays, so I will be consumed in that as well as having as much fun as possible after a day of hard work. In other words, while everyone is having one night stands and throwing up all over boulevards, I will be either working, working out or studying.

Hold me to it. We will meet back again on March 19, 2012, when my Spring Break officially ends.

Until then.

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