I watched this video below with Nicki Minaj and, although I am not her biggest fan, I have a better understanding of what she wants to accomplish in the Hip-Hop industry. To paraphrase my favorite part, she related the double standard of a male rapper being demanding and dominant vs. her doing the same thing and the way she is perceived. Lil Wayne, Drake and, to throw him in randomly, Chris Brown can all act like asses when they come in the studio, demand what they want and get it with full respect. When she demands the same respect, she has to take on the persona of a “bitch” if she wants any respect at all. This, to me, is a problem.

Honestly, I am not sure who is to blame for this notion. I have a lot of guy friends that respect me for my personality without categorizing me. On the other hand, I know people who think it is better to “stay in my place” as a woman. I think what I did like about this interview┬áis Nicki is not only challenging what it is like to be a female in the rap/hip-hop industry but she is redefining it. She refuses to be pinned down in one space which is noble and scary. I really have no idea with where she is going with her talent and that can be scary because whether I like it or not, some people may think that she represents black women. Some people may not think that at all but you never know what peoples backgrounds are. Rewinding back to my original point, the fact that some men and even women relate to a powerful women as “bitches” is a problem in itself. If gives the allusion that a woman must be tied to a man to have worthy status and it promotes a submissive nature to societal traits even though not all women are like that. When Hillary Clinton freakin’ ran for president people, including the media, related to her like she was walking all over a mans element. Men have previously occupied the space of a president, but the way she was ridiculed for her “aggressiveness” is the same thing we praise and respect in male counterparts. Now this is not a bash all men blog, this is more encourage all women. Be proud of your abilities and use them to your advantage. Men came in this world through women so we are needed, you are needed and I can’t wait to meet you at the top. Nicki will probably be there too so get ready.

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