A few months ago, I wrote about getting fit. I have probably gained ten pounds since then. That being said, I have made a mid-year resolution to stop being so full of crap. Just kidding. A little.

I made a┬ádecision┬áto be more healthy and get to the gym when I have time. Now, I know those goals sound very blase, but I am taking it a bit more seriously than it sounds. For instance, this week, when I went grocery shopping, I bought whole grain carbs, more veggies and fruits (with no sugar added, of course, if it was packaged) and snacks that contained large amounts of fiber. I also have made the decision that I will no longer eat red meat. No pork, no beef, only chicken breast, fish and some turkey. All in all, I will say that the small changes aren’t that bad. They taste a little better than the normal ones. And I’m not even in denial. I promise.

So, I think I figured out why I am doing so well this time around. And here are a list of reasons why it is easier for me to take the healthier route.

  1. I am living on my own. I don’t give myself too much temptation, because I am the only one that I have to buy food for. Although my younger brother is staying with me for a little while, I put his junk food in his own cabinet and I never see it unless he’s eating it.
  2. I bought things that I ate before, just healthier versions. I love, love, love pasta. And I will be damned if I cut that out. Especially since I’m trying to make this a lifestyle change and not a quick fix diet. And you would be surprised what brands have healthier versions available. Like Mac ‘N’ Cheese. They have a whole grain version! Whodathunkit?
  3. I cut out all bad sweets like my favorite candy, peanut M&Ms. But, if I have a really strong craving, I indulge a little bit.
  4. Which brings me to portion control. I have had a problem with this only because I love food and I am very bad at figuring out when I am full sometimes. So, I have been practicing small portion sizes and drinking a bottle of water per meal and snack to fill out the rest.
  5. I drink tons of water, so, I normally don’t want to drink anything else. But if I do, Minute Maid makes this 15 calorie juice that I love! And it’s only a dollar. And it doesn’t taste like watered down barf, either. It tastes great.
  6. I bought a water filter. Price and money have always been a huge reason why I say I don’t eat healthier than I do, so, saving money is the main goal and eating as healthy as possible. This way, I can drink as much water as I want and not have to worry about how much money I’m spending on water.
  7. I bought a whole grain cereal. I have an 8 o’clock class every single morning, and I don’t get back home until 1pm. Then, I normally have work at 1:30. So, I can’t find time to breathe, let alone eat a full breakfast. So, I bought the quickest most fulfilling thing that I could eat in the morning: cereal! Paired with skim milk, I’m only eating 150 calories, and I won’t hear my stomach growling in class or order unhealthy food with my coworkers at work.
  8. I log everything in an app by Fat Secret called the Calorie Counter. It helps me keep track of what I ate and sometimes, the calories don’t matter, but when you start forgetting what you eat, you’re in the danger zone, and you need to do something about it immediately.
  9. I bought healthy snacks. I know I said this earlier, but let me expand. I am a munch-er. I think I am obsessed with the sensation of food in my mouth.
  10. I no longer feel pressured. I eat what I want, but I have a bit more structure to my food intake than I did before. But I feel more like I’m making better choices, not like I’m on a diet.

So far, these are the few small changes that I have been making to shrink my waistband size and a few things that have helped me along the way. Let me know if you have any advice or questions on healthy eating and living.

Remember, small changes make all the difference.

Love always,

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