I sweat like a pig sometimes, and can literally find anyone on facebook with little to no information. I cyberstalk my crushes and I have the loudest, most embarassing laugh I have ever encountered.

I’m no where near perfect. But I am NAOMI.

-Stephanie Chanel

I avoid eye contact when I am nervous. I talk everything out, mostly to myself. I suck at making hard decisions. I have huge feet. I love to flirt but I’m too scared to commit and I can finish a whole bag of popcorn by myself.

This is my NAOMI.

-Stacy Ike

I suck at telling stories. I’m often in “my own world” a little too much. I really dont know if I’m allowed to post on this, lol. I’m sometimes the only person that laughs at my jokes. I make awkward moments even more awkward. I’m in denial about a lot (my singing). I dont take a lot of people (mostly males when it comes to relationships) or things too serious. I love all the experiences I’ve gotten from college so far. I’m really happy about N.A.O.M.I.

-Robbie C.

I have a terrible memory. My friends will bring up something that we did last month and I will completely draw a blank, it’s very embarrassing. I am oblivious to a guys signal that he is interested, completely oblivious. It takes like 10 people telling me “Nikki, he likes you” for me to even realize it. I also tend to be very flirtatious without knowing it. I guess I am just out of it a lot of times. I also hate being one place for too long. But above all, I am just N.A.O.MI.

-Nikki N.

Well… I’m really bad at explaining things. I stutter when I first meet people & if you make me laugh hard enough I snort & just blame it on the person next to me. I tend to stare off in space & I’m not all the way there. I am who I am 100% all day, every day. I have nothing to hide & I’m perfectly fine with that…. my flaws make me NAOMI & I love that! (:

-Moby O.

“My imperfections will always be imperfect – but I’m made new, and whole, and am sought after as a gorgeous bride by the one who has died for me. For that, I am perfect, and will always be as long as I abide in him, and him in me. He makes me new, whole, and real. He is my perfection.”

-Zheng Hwuang C.

I am always gassy (dont worry i take gas pills now so its all good lol). I snore loudly and sometimes talk/hallucinate in my sleep. I have a pop belly (regardless I don’t think I’ll ever get over my addiction to pizza and cookies). My teeth are tiny. Sometimes I can be really anti-social. 90% of the time I’m in a stupor of confusion, but alas, God has yet to let me down so I don’t worry about that too much.

-Ahvey  Y.

So lets see, I talk to myself way more than I think is normal. Sometimes I have extreme road rage. I cry a lot about things that I have no control over. I’m mean to the people that I love the most (which is kinda weird). I cry when I laugh. I think I eat too much cheese. but I’m N.A.O.M.I :)

-Carmen H.

Let’s see. I cry a lot, like a lot, a lot. When I cry, I’m seriously like a 5-year-old who lost his or her blanket and will not be satisfied until he or she gets it back. I rarely comb my hair because it hurts too bad, so I just let it do it’s own thing. I am absolutely horrified of scary movies. (Someone paid for me to go see Paranormal Activity once and I kept my jacket over my face the entire time). I’m addicted to kids meals at McDonalds and I plan on putting all the toys I receive on Ebay one day. Oh, and that little space between my thumb and my pointer (or is it index finger?) finger is literally always ashy, ALWAYS.

But … At the end of everyday, I’m Just N.A.O.M.I.
                                           -Rikki B.


I snicker under my breath a lot. Sometimes, I accidentally snort. I talk to myself wayyy too much. I randomly look up girls on facebook and look at their pictures when I’m bored, sometimes for fashion ideas. I eat with both hands. :)

– Joanne S.

My stomach is the first thing to sweat, I have never known why. I talk to myself more than I should usually in the car. I have possibly the most obnoxious sneeze I have ever heard. I love awkward moments because they make me laugh and I love to laugh. I hate wearing jeans, I would rather dress all the way up-business professional or all the way down-sweats, and its usually sweats.

-DJaqui  J.